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Can You Change The Way You Age?

Can you wave your magic wand and stop the ageing process? Look into the pool of life and stay young forever? Well not exactly … BUT, there are definitely ways that you can slow the onset of ageing. What is one of the biggest things in life that will age our bodies faster than anything: STRESS. Having even a low level of stress in your life constantly gives the body zero time to rest and recover and our bodies end up taking the toll. Our bones ache, our skin dulls, and the stress hormone (Cortisol) tends to dry up those collagen supplies. In other words – early wrinkles! And while we love our bodies in every shape, colour or form, there is no reason we shouldn’t be in the best of shape and feeling good for as long as possible! The most important remedy for this is to create BALANCE. Turn off those computers and select a certain amount of time a day for emails and social media. Get into the sun. Do yoga. Spend time with friends. Make beautiful dinners from scratch. Eat nurturing, healthy foods and share with your neighbours. When you get that feeling of calm inside you that’s what balance feels like – and it’s the daily practice of self love!

Namaste xox


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