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Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?!

I mean nothing is a sure thing … but we can say that any kind of exercise and general bettering of your fitness is going to, ahem, work some magic. Yoga makes you feel good, it aligns you with your body and your breath, and of course — it increases flexibility! If marathons are your game then yoga is the name, and we’ve got a few excellent head starts to get you match fit.

Pigeon Pose: This deep hip stretch is so important in our daily yoga practice. We spend so much time sitting that opening up the hips creates flow within our body, within our energy, within our love lives ... Set those hips loose!

Bridge Pose: Thrust those hips up from the floor! I don’t think this one even needs an explanation …

Cat Pose: This wonderful stretch through your whole body, the arching of your back and streeetching out of your spine actually improves the strength of your kegel muscles as you pull in to stretch out the back, ie; your pelvic floor. And a stronger pelvic floor works well for the big O! Downward Dog: (Dare I say it). And not necessarily for the reason you think! This rest pose is incredible for a full leg stretch, particularly for the IT band (Which gives you greater flexibility for all those “legs above your head moments” in life … )


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