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Dealing With Fat Shaming

Dealing with fat shaming I had an Indian man tell me that I should lose weight because I should know obesity isnt healthy for me. A Chinese man once told me I had such massive hips that I would definitely be having twins one day. I have been laughed at by a group of children who were running around making fun of my weight and pointing at me.

I know many of you have had similar experiences, and have been so hurt just like I was, so I wanted to share with you how I have dealt with this. 1. Knowing their opinion is theirs only and not a reflection on me but thier own perceptions and culture. 2. I used powerful affirmations every morning and whenever I remembered throughout the day to boost myself up. Things like "why am I so beautiful just as I am?" A why affirmation poses a question to the mind instead of a statement. This is a more powerful way of creating new belief systems. 3. Write a list of all your best qualities and the things you love about you 4. See this person and experience as a picture in your mind, imagine seeing the picture turn black and while and pressing the delete key of a keyboard and seeing it disappear. 5. Within this moment there is a younger you who is being triggered. Imagine going up to the smaller you who is hurting right now, giving her a hug and telling her how amazing and beautiful she is. Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what size. Never let the opinions of others get you down and own who you are This is to show that no matter what size, we all have our struggles and depending on where we are in the world, we are going to have different experiences with the way we are perceived. It highlights the importance of loving ourselves in every way no matter matter what because true beauty starts from within


Thank you to the amazingly beautiful Kayla Anderson for this heart felt piece, i think we can all relate to at some time in our lives.

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