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Yoga For A Hangover!

Ok we’ve all been there … the accidental one-fun-drink too many. We were having a little bit too much fun at the local, dancing around the tabletops and flinging all thoughts of tomorrow into the dying hours of the day! It doesn’t have to mean we shuck off yoga in the morning though. In fact when our heads are banging there are some (gentle) yoga moves that will get us back fighting fit and back on the d-floor!

Viparita Karani (Legs up wall): This will help to drain the fluids and the blood back to the heart and get things flowing again. Rest and recover, rest and recover …

Malasana (squat pose): Squats help to get the bowels and liver back into functioning order and compress in all the right ways.

Supine Twists: Do a gentle twist by lying flat on your back with one knee bent over to one side and your arms out wide, looking away from the crossed leg. This will help detoxify your organs and it feels REALLY good … Shavasana (Corpse pose): If you are literally feeling like the waking dead then just lie in Shivasana and hope for the best. Namaste! xox

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