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Are You Showing Up For Yourself?

For all kinds of yogis – beginners and the ultra practiced – yoga is closely tied with meditation and encourages the action of slowing down, breathing with your body and tuning in to your mind. You might have heard a yoga teacher at the start of a class asking you to “let go of the stresses of your day” or to “set an intention for yourself.” Just showing up to yoga with whatever time you have in your week is showing your self love. It is giving yourself the time out to work with your body, to slow down into relaxation and give your body some TLC. Often in classes I get emotional just from realizing what I have given myself when I really needed it!! The more we learn about yoga the more we tune in to our own hearts and minds, and it really does feed in to the rest of our daily living. So show up for yourself! Don’t be hard on yourself but try to give yourself as much love as possible too. Our relationship with ourselves is the best and the biggest one we’ve got so keep loving <3

Namaste xox

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