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Why 5 Minutes On The Treadmill Is Better Than 30

Yep you read it right! You’ll be pleased to know that less is often more on the cardio front. And as always with yoga and with all things in life — it’s about balance.

Cardio is good for the heart (cardiovascular is the name, pumpin’ blood is the game) however if it’s weight loss you’re after, you also need to be working the muscles. The idea is to train better, not necessarily train harder, and too much cardio without weight training may end up not giving us the results we want. We can strain the muscles when really we want to be burning fat! A greater muscle mass (which too much cardio can reduce) will allow us to burn fat when we’re in rest mode. So a good formula might be: two thirds strength, one third cardio. Look after those muscles!

And like we always say … listen to your body! If you go for a run and it feels good – it’s working for you. If you go for a run and you feel worse, rest yourself. Your body will work best at its natural state. Give it what it wants and it will reward you X NAMASTE"

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