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Are You A Burnout Queen?

I am the burnout queen 👸👸

Only at the end of last year did I decide to finally stop letting the 'Negative Nelly's' drain me .. and to expend my energy only on those around me who WANTED it ... Well that didn’t last long!

Typical Alison is work work work, trying to save every starfish out there ... only sadly some don’t want to be saved. And after using all my energy trying I even got so burned out I became my own Negative Nelly ... zapping my own energy (I’m working on this right now though).

So burn out is something I visit time and time again. They say until you learn the lesson, the challenge will keep repeating itself. I'm still learning, but in a way I'm succeeding slowly as at least now I recognise it and know when it needs to change.

That’s me .. but in my members I see these things causing burnouts all the time. Take a peek at the following to see if you might relate:

💓 OVER DIETING I often see or hear my members overly restricting carbohydrates and/or calories. This is common practice today as people seek quick results. It might make you drop a few pounds in the short term but in the long term it may start to impact hormones, sleep, energy, mood, basically everything ... and if it’s over restricted those pounds go back on and the yo-yo begins 😞

I do not advocate restrictive diets or ANY kind of weight loss gimmick !!!!

💓 OVER-EXERCISING Exercise shoud be varied. Thankfully Bootcamp is! But training like a crazy person too much (especially when coupled with poor calorie intake and not enough carbs) isn't sustainable nor healthy! I’m certainly not saying don’t do other things outside of Bootcamp BUT be sensible ... there’s no need for 3 hrs of exercise a day — and keep it structured. It’s a good idea to de-load every 6 weeks too ( this is taken care of for you on my classes - to stop burnout. )

💓NOT PRIORITISING SLEEP This is a huge one for a lot of my members. Life is busy. Especially with young children. But when we sleep we heal, restore, repair, and grow and build muscle. When we sleep less we don't have time to heal our bodies. We feel more tired which means we often then crave more sugar, processed carbs and caffeine to keep going and suppress the tired signals. Ever been so tired you just want to eat rubbish? Yep, that’s to keep you going and is your bodies survival mechanism and hormones.

Eventually your body will scream and ask you to slow down so you can repair ... or your going to crash! Sleep when you can if you're not on a night ... I’ve recently had sleep burnout, it makes every day a struggle.

💓LACK OF RESTORATIVE CARE Many people live life full on so learn to take time out. Do some yoga, take a relaxing bath or read a book sitting in the garden ... Just take time out when it’s needed. Value yourself enough to say no to demands placed on you. I’m a yes person and it’s draining I’m a people pleaser and it drains me ... Learn to value yourself and care for yourself first!

When we are not caring for ourselves and burning out we are also at greater risk of physical injury as our body and mind is so tired ...

So if you can see any of these patterns .. take time to reverse them before you hit the bottom

Climbing back up is harder than you think ...

Allie xx

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