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Would you try these hot tips?

Travelling on a budget doesn’t have to be daunting, and it should NEVER be a reason not to go somewhere, or do something new. With websites such as Skyscanner available to us these days, we no longer need to trust a travel agent to take to the skies, we can dream big and DIY the shit out of it.

There are positives and negatives to travelling with a lighter purse, so we’ve listed a few pros and cons so you can weigh up whether or not the experience outweighs the caution :) PRO: Travelling on a budget can bring unexpected bonuses like free hotel layovers or unexpected upgrades! CON: Doing budget deeds means budget needs. In other words try not to get sick and shit your pants. There’s no private bathroom.

PRO: You’ll be your own best friend by the time you’ve crossed the world with only yourself and a bag o’ scroggin for company. CON: Being in a relationship with yourself means there’s very little ‘alone time’. Maybe get a budget boyfriend.

PRO: Speaking of boyfriends – you make loads of friends when you stay in shared accommodation. CON: Show good judgement. I said friends not murderers.

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