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5 Things To Make You Happy Right Now!

It’s the beginning of the week … we’re back into the grind after the weekend party and next weekend seems all too far away. With all the tingly feelings from the weekends’ good times flittering away, the last thing we wanna do is read a 35-page manual about how to get happy!

Never fear. Yoga isn’t the only thing to keep us perky — Mondays can be fun days too, with a few quick tips to keep you cheery of a morning. Read on ...

1. Remember something truly funny. Whether it’s something that just happened or a memory you’ve locked away for safe keeping, call on this when ever you need a quick smile.

2. Bang on your favourite tune! Dance on the spot. Forget the world. Repeat.

3. Text your best mate and tell them they’re ace. Maybe thank them for the funny memory of them falling face first into the neighbour’s pool and how it just turned your frown upside down!

4. Have a nap! Sleep restarts, reboots, replenishes. Live to nap.

5. Step into the sun. Let the golden ball warm your insides. If it’s not available to you and you can’t book a casual day or two in the Maldives – get moving! A spot of yoga or a quick jog will do WONDERS for your heart and happiness. Namaste x

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