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Is It Ok To Eat Cake For Breakfast?!

Having balance is a super important part of everyday life. Balance is what you feel is right for you, it isn’t a set of rules, particularly someone else’s over your own body. You are the one who can keep in tune with your natural rhythms, with the way your body is feeling and the changes it goes through from each day to the next. It means if cake for breakfast is what you really feel like — perhaps that's just what the doctor ordered! It's about listening. So the answer is YES! It's ok eat cake for breakfast! Just maybe not every day ... Balance is a part of being kind to yourself, of giving your body what it needs when it needs it, and not abstaining or overdoing things to tip the scales too far in one direction and leave us feeling washed out. So often we are made to feel that we need to be doing more, being more — that we need to be the type of yogi’s that drink green smoothies all day and never have a drop of beer! Doing downward dog’s ‘til we keel over!

Yoga is about your relationship with your ego as much as it is about your body. Remember the balance of all things. Talk to yourself like you would a friend. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Have a cake if it really feels good in your belly. Go for a run when you have a burst of energy and rest when you feel tired. There is no schedule in nature! Listen to the rhythm of your own body clock. You will be rewarded with the purest sense of joy that comes when you’re engine is running exactly as it should. On a great day you might even say that good balance is one chocolate in each hand!"

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