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Why turmeric is a MUST in your diet

The golden turmeric latte

Get ‘em while they’re hot! The turmeric latte fad isn’t exactly new … but it is still just as healthy, easy to make and MEGA delicious as it ever was. One of the best things about doing yoga and living in Morocco is the array of spices and scents you find at the local markets. Piles and piles of magical colours that hold new ways to spice up your life! (Or just your dinner).

The golden colour from turmeric latte’s comes from the turmeric root, which in Morocco can be ground fresh right in front of your eyes. Turmeric (otherwise known as Saffron) has been used for many years, particularly in India, and it holds great medicinal and health benefits for all people. There are numerous minerals in Turmeric including calcium, phosphorous, omega 3, iron, and vitamins B and C. It is anti-inflammatory (traditionally used to heal minor wounds), contains anti oxidants, aids skin health, brain health, heart health … the list really does go on.

This cheap and nutrient-rich spice can be consumed in a lot of different ways. You could boil the root for tea if you want … however we’d suggest you grab a small pot, bang some milk in, throw some turmeric paste or powder in, blob a dollop of good honey in along with some coconut oil, and stir that to perfection. A perfect, health-rich golden latte.

**Handy hint: Don’t accidentally get the spicy turmeric! No latte can be golden if you’re burning your face off.

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